I wouldn't have written even one book without the help and support of so many amazing people.


I know I will forget some people, so I apologize in advance, but I have to thank my family for being supportive through thick and thin. The lovely girls who volunteered as pre-readers when I was in need of a guiding hand, Michelle and Louise, thank you both. To all the lovely volunteers who put their hand up to help beta-read my work--Jade, Kaz, Isobel, Amanda, and Kylie--thank you all so much. To my soon to be editor Karen from By the Book Editing, I can't express how excited I am to be working with you. To the creators of my wonderful covers Suz and Soxie, thank you for making my words pop from the screen in the form of wonerful covers. To Jen, you know I couldn't do this without you as a sounding board, beta reader, and just general friend when I need one. To all my friends, thank you for putting up with missed appointments and sporadic contact whenever I am in writing mode. To Sam and Suz at Bottom Drawer Publications, thank you for taking the chance on a debut author. 

Thank you all